This is Money and Mass Balance, a website devoted to personal finance.

I’m a chemical engineer living in north Alabama. From living in Guatemala to working at Disney World, I’ve had a few insights into radical ways to manage finances. By sharing these perspectives I hope to find people who share my ideas, help people who are struggling with their finances, and explain the key principles that allow everybody to make plans and track their progress.

As a manufacturing engineer, I had the responsibility to reduce environmental impact by reducing consumption and waste. Money management is similar. When you make smarter decisions with money, avoid paying interest on debt or wasting money each day on low value spending, you free up your dollars to invest in your future. The more money you have under your control, the more leverage you have for calling your own shots in life. You can empower yourself by taking control of your cash-flow, and if you don’t know how, the articles on this website should help to get you started.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since October of 2016. My husband still works full time as a process controls engineer, and despite our reduction in income we are planning to be financially independent by age 42. I’ve started this project as a way to continue contributing to my community, students and engineers alike.

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