The Money Mass Balance Mission

This website’s mission is to spread the word about spending less, investing, and sticking to a plan.

Our financial situations are not a competition.

Friends don’t wish debt upon friends. If there were no secrets about salaries, assets, and debt, everyone would have a better view of Normal – and they’d be able to make better decisions about all of it.

My goal is to help people get started early understanding simple investing to take advantage of as much compound interest as possible.

Here are the basics I want everyone to know:

  1. It’s not only possible to retire before 65, it’s downright easy.
  2. Financial independence will make your life great, and the reward is worth the sacrifice.
  3. Investing isn’t scary, and it’s a lot less risky than spending.
  4. Your money works for you when you keep it out of debt.
  5. Budgeting puts control in your hands, and it’s fun and easy to do!

img_0219I realized early on that it was possible to save money quickly enough that I could stop working in industry by age 45. There are people making incomes less than $35,000 who are retiring by 35. And there are people earning $135,000 and over who won’t retire until well past 65. It’s not a question of your income.

The only thing that makes early retirement possible is your ability to spend less money than you make. That’s money and mass balance.

img_0221There are a few key nuggets of knowledge that make retirement planning less mysterious, and this website is where I plan to share them so that everyone can plan to live exactly the life they want to. Because when money is no longer a problem, you can focus on the things that really matter in life.